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We understand the region

About Rwenzori Safaris

Rwenzori Safaris is a private tour travel company based in Uganda to give solution to tourism holidays across the Country. Rwenzori Safaris is owned by indigenous people with experience in the hospitality and knowledge in the tourism industry, tourism destinations, we always strive at ensuring that your holiday is a life time memorable experience that you will always refer to.

We plan together with you our client where you want to have your holiday in Uganda, advise you on other tourism attractions that you should incorporate and how to go about it so that your able to achieve your expectations with in your budget and we make you a tailored itinerary. Apart from relaxations, we also fix business meetings and also coordinate both academic and business researches.

Our Strength

Rwenzori Safaris is a tour company that was founded by a Television journalist who committed his entire journalism on environment, wildlife and tourism reporting. While practicing as a tourism report, he discovered that Uganda was a hub of tourism that is less known to the World and hence the genesis of Rwenzori Safaris.

It’s against this background that a team of highly skilled travel specialists have been recruited based on experience in the tourism industry and customer care and positive attitude to meet the expectations of the clients. Professional ethics is a priority and what our guides strive for is to ensure that you attain the worthiness of your holiday. .

Our guests’ expectations.

Your Itinerary is entirely tailored on your interests and determined by your budget. You tell us what you want to experience and we help you with informed technical and workable advice for you to achieve the best of your trip. Our guides are always available to provide information and guidance whenever you need it.

Safety of our clients.

Security of our guests takes center stage. Given the background of the founder, Rwenzori Safaris gives priority to safety of the clients and its staff ahead of every safari. We have strong contacts with the Uganda wildlife Authority who we closely work with to ensure safety of our client is grantee. With our head offices in Kampala, we provide you with contacts of our ground personnel in a pack such that your able to communicate in case of need of help. In case of an illness, we provide you with contacts of health facilities and we shall ensure that you get first class treatment in private health facilities.

Care for the Environment

By the fact that we are earning a living from the environment, it is our responsibility that we must be part of the conservation effort such that the generations to come can also benefit from it.

It is against this background that we have partnered with Water and Environment Media Network- WEMNET-U to undertake senstisation media efforts geared at mobilizing people to conserve the environment, plant more trees for tourism sustainability. Our tourism Guests are always briefed about the same such that whatever they do, they do it responsibly such that they are able to be part of the conservation effort.

Our desire is to ensure that Uganda retains her glory; “ UGANDA, THE PEARL OF AFRICA”.