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Mountain climbing and hiking

When people think of Uganda as a holiday destination, they often think of attractions like the Source of the River Nile and the famous mountain Gorillas. Yet Uganda offers some premier mountain climbing destinations such as the Rwenzori Mountains which is the only snow capped mountain in the tropics.

Others are Mount Elgon in the East of the country on the border with Kenya and Mount Sabinyo, Mount Mahinga and Mount Muhavura in the Southwest of Uganda in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. 

Mgahinga Gorilla Park offers you the most doable in the shortest of time.  Each Volcano can be climbed in one day with a guide to the peaks where the views are breath taking.  The latter also requires the smallest amount of equipment since each climb – hike is a one day venture.

We offer several mountain climbing options, but we are flexible in designing a climb and hike that keeps your schedule in mind and of course your budget.

Enjoy Uganda’s Mountains and Volcanoes, spend a day climbing or hiking up a volcano, take a min-Rwenzori Mountain hike, hike in the foothills of the Rwenzori around places such as Ruboni, or day hike around Mount Elgon or a 4 day climb.

The Rwenzori Mountains and Mgahinga Gorilla Park are located in the West of Uganda and both, especially the latter can easily be worked into a combination with Gorilla Tracking, Lake Bunyonyi and or Queen Elizabeth and Kibale Forest.

Give us your thoughts and we will do our best to make them reality.


Rwenzori safaris also cater for guests who prefer camping, these include those who come with their tents or those that would like to hire tents. Camping is possible across the country in places with attractions and also at the hotels.

There are several ways to adventure in Uganda’s countryside and National parks. One of the adventure tours in Uganda is out door camping and backpacking. Camping is one surely to feel the closer touch to Mother Nature’s gifts of birds, wild animals, insects, butterflies and the vegetation itself.

Often, backpacking tourists look for adventure and fun but disaster may come along the way. If you have decided to take a camping trip for Uganda’s national parks and forest reserves, make sure you have the right camping gear that includes tents, hiking boots, supplies and clothing. It may seem obvious for some of these tips but you often need to be reminded on the importance of having to follow the advice from the professionals.

Be careful when shopping for camping equipment to use in Uganda. Check the quality of camping tents, backpacks and boots you’ll be using on your trip to Uganda because they need to be very sturdy and stand the dust, shrubs and tears in the bush. Your backpack should have extra pockets on the side to keep items you need to use more often like drinking water bottles, sunscreen, ointment for insect bites and bruises, sunhat and other quick items. You also need lots of straps to keep your baggage in position and firm to the back. A padded backpack is good for comfort. Buy some small locks for safety!

Are you comfortable with the hiking boots? You do not need any pair of shoes for nature walks on Uganda’s rugged roads. Remember that you are going to be doing a lot of walking and safaris in the wild thus you need a comfortable pair to take you through the sunny and rainy days without hurting toes and feet!

Carry the right camping clothing such as warm jackets for the night, trousers and long sleeved shirts for safari walks and sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and anything you need. You’ll also need to carry utensils, chairs, tables, camping stove, flash lights and sleeping bags. Camping gear and equipment can be hired from the different campsites and travel agents.

Camping in Uganda is good for summer months. Camping in Uganda is done at designated site within a park or forest reserve. Camping beyond these points may be dangerous with possible attacks from wild animals. Follow each of the guidelines that are given by park’s official at campsites and get a tour guide along for you safety concern.

Many of the camps in Uganda have self catering kitchen, a chef and basic facilities like a pit latrine, hot water buckets and a canteen. It is very important to carry extra supplies for fuel, food, drinking water and camera batteries because restocking centres are not many in the countryside.

Finally, be friendly and courteous to the local people you’ll find in the camping centres because these will help you with some tasks like making a camp fire, washing, fetching water and taking you around interesting places near the camps.

Car Hire Services

As advocates of quality tourism, we operate modern luxurious mini vans for your comfort and safety. Our vehicles come equipped with air conditioning, swivel seats, a sliding roof and plenty of leg-room.

We operate Toyota Hiace minibuses in addition to 4×4 Super Customs and Toyota Land Cruisers. All our drivers who also serve as guides have Mobile Phones for convenient communication and all vehicle rates are inclusive of a Driver.

Besides driving, they also can tell you about history and names of places you wish to know along the routes you are travelling through. This is besides the destinations you are going.

Consultancy on travelling in the region

Cases of lacking travel information of place or region is a common occurrence. This is especially so with regions like here where not much is documented.

However Rwenzori safaris is here to fill you the gap. For any kind for travel information about the region, we are more than ready to work with you.

Birding                                                                                                                                                                                      As far as birds are concerned, over half of all bird species in Africa can be found here, to be precious 1060 species, making it one of the richest birding destinations on the continent. Crammed into this diminutive country is an astonishingly rich diversity of habitats, from the scenic shores of Uganda’s many great lakes to the lush forests of the Albertine Rift and the banks of the impressive Nile River.

Though Uganda has only one endemic bird (Fox’s Weaver), 23 Albertine endemics occur here which are rarely observed elsewhere. These include the Handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Turaco, Rwenzori Nightjar, Dwarf Honeyguide, African Green Broadbill, Archer’s Robin-Chat, Grauer’s Rush Warbler, Short-tailed Warbler, Grauer’s Warbler, Collared Apalis, Regal Sunbird, Strange Weaver, Dusky Crimsonwing, and Shelley’s Crimsonwing among others.

Rwenzori safaris offers various packages to the numerous places where you can do you’re birding from, this can be near the city Kampala like at lutembe bay which is a RAMSER site to faraway places like Kalangala Islands and the 10 national game parks the country is endowed with nature.

You just need to pack your binoculars, some sturdy shoes and your checklist. And Rwenzori Safaris will ensure that you get the best experience in bird counting from the different birding areas.

Butterfly watching

Right from childhood among the most fascinating things we see as kids are the butterflies. Many people still have got vivid memories of how they used to run after them.

Like flowers, many people find butterflies so interesting to look at. This has even been made better by their diverse species, sizes and colors’ they have.

For people interested in seeing them, Uganda is among the best places in the world to do it from. Given the species diversity of plants that comes because of equatorial climate, it has attracted a lot of butterfly species.

Most butterfly species in Uganda are day-flying so they regularly attract attention. The diverse patterns formed by their brightly coloured wings and their erratic yet graceful flight have made butterfly watching an interesting tourist activity.

Some migrate over long distances, across a number of regions. Culturally, butterflies are a popular motif, design and decoration in the visual and literary arts. Scales on the wing give the colours.

They feed primarily on nectar from flowers thus many of the species are common in the tropical rainforests of Uganda, such as Mabira, Bwindi, Mgahinga and Kibale Forests. By deriving nourishment from pollen, tree sap, rotting fruit, dung, and dissolved minerals in wet sand or dirt Butterflies are important as pollinators for some species of plants although in general they do not carry as much pollen load as the birds. They are however capable of moving pollen over greater distances.

Rwenzori Safaris has got a number of packages for lovers of butterflies. This tours will enable you reach most of Uganda’s forests and game parks favorable for butterfly watching.

Some of the common species you see while in this tour are: Bubelenois theora, Bubelenois theora, Bubelenois thysa, Bucatuna crithea, Buacraea phasalus, Buanthen elarydas, Bubebaria chriemhilda and many others.

Butterfly watching is recommended during day light so as to enjoy the diverse patterns formed by brightly coloured butterfly wings and their erratic graceful flight. This makes butterfly watching an interesting Experience in the wildness. Some migrate over long distances, across a number of regions.

Chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzee tracking is purely very magical and exciting! It is a very exceptional experience seeing the chimps feed, care for their little ones, climb trees and respond to the presence of human.

You can also join the habituation team that sets out every morning to specifically study and observe the behavior of the chimps with an aim of making them get acquitted to human presence. There you will be marveled by sounds of the chattering black & white colobus monkeys, Olive Baboon, chimpanzees or Vervet monkeys.

There are 4950 chimps remaining in the country, these are conserved in the Uganda Wildlife Education centre (UWEC) for zoo, others in the rainforest and some in Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary.

Chimpanzees tracking can be done in Kibale Forest National park; Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kyambura Gorge, Budongo and Rwambogo Forest reserve in Murchison Falls National park and at Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary where the orphaned chimps ate habituated.

Water Sports and Holiday Adventures

Uganda has a vast inland network of water bodies where you can experience a wide range of activities. If its water safaris you’re after Rwenzori Safaris can arrange white water rafting, River boarding, sport fishing, Bungee jumping, canoeing and kayaking and all combines with stunning scenic views.

In this holiday adventures, you can’t miss seeing Lake Victoria which is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest fresh water lake in the world. It is the source of the Nile & the longest river in the world.